Politics in the US has become a fascinating spectacle in recent years. While it is tempting to enjoy the show from a safe distance here in Australia one cannot deny that the US has strong influence globally and that its policies affect domestic politics here in Australia. Many of the societal estates in Australia model their practice after the US (especially the Australian mainstream media), and others aspire towards the US paradigm. It is therefore important to understand how the US political system works, how it arrived at its current state, and where it is likely to go from here. A guide to US politics is in order.

The purpose of this blog is to provide information on the state of US politics, its foreign and domestic policy, and the reasons for its decline to its present state. The blog will, for the most part, be highly critical of the US system, but it will also highlight valuable properties when they arise. It will also focus on information that is generally not published in the Australian media. The blog is intended to inform Australians and others who may not know as much about US politics as they would like to, and also to serve as a warning for those wishing to change Australian policy to more closely align with that of the US.

I intend to publish a blog posting each week throughout the year 2018, along with some supplementals and opinion pieces as topics of interest arise.

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance. This blog is my small contribution.


Table of Contents



(published 16 December 2017)


Part 1: Dispelling Some Myths

1.1. America is not a democracy (published 1 January 2018)

1.2. America is not a force for good in the world (published 8 January 2018)

1.3. The Democratic Party is not left wing (published 15 January 2018)

1.4. Barack Obama is not a socialist (published 22 January 2018)

1.5. Hillary Clinton did not lose the election because of Russia, sexism, etc (published 29 January 2018)

1.6. Donald Trump is not a smart businessman (published 5 February 2018)

1.7. Trickle-down economics is a global scam (published 12 February 2018)

1.8. The US is not a supporter of the free market (published 19 February 2018)


Supplemental 1

What is so wrong with a corporatocracy? (published 26 February 2018)


Part 2: Domestic Policy

2.1. Structure (published 5 March 2018)

2.2. The single party stranglehold (published 12 March 2018)

2.3. The two-tiered justice system (published 19 March 2018)

2.4. The police state (published 26 March 2018)

2.5. The gun problem (published 2 April 2018)

2.6. The “war on drugs” farce (published 9 April 2018)

2.7. Domestic terrorism (published 16 April 2018)

2.8. Religious oppression (published 23 April 2018)

2.9. The role of the media (published 30 April 2018)


Supplemental 2

The tools of manipulation (published 7 May 2018)


Part 3: The Republicans

3.1. Origins (published 14 May 2018)

3.2. The charge to the right (published 21 May 2018)


Supplemental 3

The ghosts of ancient Carthage (published 28 May 2018)


Part 4: The Democrats

4.1. Origins (published 4 June 2018)

4.2. The charge to the right (published 11 June 2018)

4.3. Obama’s deconstruction of the Democratic Party (published 18 June 2018)

4.4. Latest shenanigans (published 25 June 2018)


Supplemental 4

The eve of destruction (published 2 July 2018)


Mid-Year Comments

Edits and corrections (published 9 July 2018)


Part 5: The Democracy Bypass

5.1. What is good about US elections (published 16 July 2018)

5.2. How primaries are rigged (published 23 July 2018)

5.3. How elections are rigged


Supplemental 5

Re-introducing the Kingfish


Part 6: Foreign Policy

6.1. The long reach of the empire

6.2. America’s incursions

6.3. The “war on drugs” excuse

6.4. The “war on terrorism” excuse

6.5. Special relationships with terrorist states

6.6. Disaster capitalism and its vultures


Supplemental 6

Selfish baby boomers


Part 7: Deconstruction and Corruption

7.1. The corruption of the supreme court

7.2. The corruption of the political process

7.3. The corruption of the military

7.4. The corruption of the police

7.5. The corruption of the mainstream media

7.6. The role of the internet


Supplemental 7

The myth of the ideal nuclear family


Part 8: Income Inequality

8.1. The size of the wealth gap

8.2. The consequences of the trickle-down economics myth

8.3. Warnings from history


Supplemental 8

What is money?


Part 9: The Race to the Bottom

9.1. Tribal politics

9.2. Deconstructing the Constitution and Magna Carta

9.3. The rise of neofascism


Supplemental 9

Bread and circuses


Part 10: The Arc of the Moral Universe is Long

10.1. Not all doom and gloom

10.2. What can be done


Supplemental 10

Questions with no answers



Scheduled to be published 11 February 2019