When the US constitutional republic was established a serious attempt was made to ensure that the government was properly regulated. Checks and balances were put in place to ensure that no branch of government wielded too much authority. These, in theory, would ensure that the government would continue to operate even if any part of […]

Supplemental 1: What is So Wrong With a Corporatocracy?

This blog series is about US politics and its impact on the world. However, in the 21st century it makes little sense to talk about nations and nation power in the same sense that we would have done during, say the Second World War. This is because world power is no longer controlled by governments […]

In the last blog we established the concept of trickle-down economics as a ridiculous myth that has wrought devastation across the  world. Part and parcel of the trickle-down economics myth is pushing the need to allow the “free market” to flourish because, as the myth goes, the free market will naturally fall into balance and […]

1.7. Trickle-Down Economics is a Global Scam

Milton Friedman should be included amongst Hitler, Stalin, and the Koch brothers in the list of the most evil people of the 20th century. It was Friedman who popularised the concept of trickle-down economics, providing an academic excuse for oppressive domestic and foreign policies worldwide. Wherever these policies have been introduced in the world, without […]

1.6. Donald Trump is Not a Smart Businessman

Like Catiline, Donald Trump is a failed businessman turned petty conman who got lucky. He has been bankrupt six times and even the American banks who are famous for their shady dealings would not lend money to him. This is probably why he turned to Deutsche Bank and Russia, and while we do not yet know the […]

A particularly egregious myth that has emerged in recent years is the claim that Barack Obama was a socialist president. In reality the Obama administration implemented only a single policy that could be regarded as socialist during his entire eight-year term in office. That was the stimulus package in 2009 which has been chipped away […]

1.3. The Democratic Party is Not Left Wing

There is a misconception that because there are two major parties that dominate the US political landscape then there must be a left wing party and a right wing party. By deduction, then, the Republicans are right wing and the Democrats are left wing. Perhaps centre-right and centre-left like the incorrect designation applied to the […]

While the claim is probably not widely believed outside of the US nowadays, it is worth reiterating that the international actions of the US are not a force for good. In fact, its behaviour closely resembles those of the empires that came before it, albeit on a much larger and more tone-deaf scale. The successful […]

1.1. America is Not a Democracy

Part 1: Dispelling Some Myths To start off this blog and perhaps as a means of setting the tone, let us dispel a few myths that many hold about US politics.   1.1. America is not a democracy On paper, strictly speaking, the US is a constitutional republic. The distinction lies in the mechanism by […]