Despite the fact that primary elections can be regarded as a positive contribution towards a functioning democracy it would not be US politics if the primary election process had not been degraded to the point where it is barely functional. Primaries are focused on the two-party duopoly along with the rest of the US political […]

We have established in earlier posts that the US is not a democracy. The founding fathers attempted to set up a governmental structure that was able to withstand the inevitable slide to corruption and for much of its history it was, generally speaking, fairly successful. The system would be able to function so long as […]

As we are about halfway through the series it seems like a good time to do some house-keeping. It is not my intention to change the style, structure or wording of the prior blog posts, but there are a few small changes that need to be made.   Firstly, the format of the blogs changed […]

Supplemental 4: The Eve of Destruction

The Earth is currently undergoing the sixth great extinction. A great extinction refers to a period in the world’s biological history where a large proportion of the fauna is destroyed over a short period of time. The KT extinction is the last time it happened; a large comet striking the Earth around 66 million years […]

4.4. Latest Shenanigans

We have discussed how Barack Obama’s incompetence and personal corruption led to the haemorrhage of Democratic seats that continued throughout his presidency. By the end of his term in office, the Democrats were wiped out at all levels of government, and the Clinton neo-liberal wing had seized control of the party. This is not hyperbole; […]

4.3. Obama’s Deconstruction of the Democratic Party

When Barack Obama took office in 2009 it was on the wave of a massive Democratic Party upsurge. The Bush administration was a disaster for the American people, with its reckless destruction of public infrastructure and the environment, instigation in illegal torture programs, erosion of human rights, and the collapse of the economy with massive […]

In Australian politics the Liberal Party is regarded as the equivalent of the Republicans in the US. In terms of its relative location on the political spectrum the Liberal Party is much more aligned with the Democrats than the Republicans. The Liberal Party of Australia is deplorable, is on the wrong side of every political […]

Part 4: The Democrats

Wouldn’t you love to buy a house from a Democratic Party Congressperson? They’ll give you everything you want and then tell everybody how great the deal was. There is one catch; you had better be right wing. If you’re left wing they will fight you with everything they have. In this part we explore the […]

Supplemental 3: The Ghosts of Ancient Carthage

In the last post I predicted that the US would find a way to scupper the peace deal between North and South Korea. Peace discussions were recently stalled after North Korea withdrew in protest over joint military operations between the US and South Korea. North Korea considered to be an aggressive breach of faith. I […]

3.2. The Charge to the Right

Republican President Eisenhower wrote the following about the New Deal in a letter to his brother in November 1954: “Should any political party attempt to abolish social security unemployment insurance and eliminate labor laws and farm programs you would not hear of that party again in our political history. There is a tiny splinter group […]